Cassie CJ Fox

Radio Show Host ~ Voice Talent

Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox is a Live Radio Show and also a two hour syndicated show, created & hosted by Cassie. Its core format and sound is rooted in"Sounds from the South". It is presented in a way that the music will appeal to "not necessarily a blues listener or fan".  It's a Top 40 personality and information style delivery, presentation complete with artist information, concert and Blues News, topics and mentions on the live shows. There is always a backsell and presell of the songs.  As Cassie Says "Its a Funky Trail Ride thru the Juke Joints Of Your Mind"

"Cassie J. Fox is the consummate professional and connoisseur and authority of great music. Her shows are exciting and what I wait for to satisfy my musical tastes. Always a delight!"

-Bernie and Uvee Hayes
St.Louis TV/Radio Veteran, Book Author, & Recording Artist.

"Cassie, you are really a cool DJ! That is really what is missing in radio. There is no excitement any more. The days of the cool DJs have almost disappeared. Your kind of DJing needs to be back on major stations. I loved listening to you and the songs too."

Billy Scott, Charlotte, NC; Recording & Performing Artist, Former Radio Show Host